The most memorable walk of the year!

History of the March to the Arch

In 2002, I felt I had to do something in  remembrance of the Americans who lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedy.

I had given it some considerable thought throughout the year. It couldn't be easy. It had to be a sacrifice of some sort. Writing a check would not be sufficient. I almost needed the physical trauma of the walk to cleanse the hurt and anger. It was a momentary release and a feeling of satisfaction that I did something to show these people that I cared. At 3:40pm on 9/11/2002, in what was ultimately a spur of the moment decision, I grabbed the American flag off my front porch and began from my home to the Gateway Arch.

After I made it  a promise to myself that as long as I was physically able I would make the march every year on 9/11.  If any of you would like to make the March to the Arch with us, you would be more than welcome. We don't need anything else, just you and your American flag. So, if you think you might be interested, please let us know by completing the form on the Sign Up page of this Web Site. I guarantee, that even though you will start out marching for others, when you are finished, it will have been one of the most moving experiences you have ever had.

Bo Drochelman